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Boating Life Magazine
By Randy Vance

Mag Hook
Technology for safer docking and mooring - never drop your line again!

Mag Hook
Hook-and-loop straps fasten heavily galvanized steel rings to your mooring lines, and a powerful magnet in the boat hook holds them until you wrap them on a piling with no fumbling. So why the hook, too? Hmmm.
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We agree, with this TECHNOLOGY you really do not need a hook but for the very rare situation where it would be useful, we provide the hook, too. Design Mechanics.



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Boat Hook Evolution
Now you can pick up your Mooring and Dock Lines easier than ever!

Design Mechanics, LLC has come out with a grab and release magnetic system. The Line-Shark Magnetic Boat Hook and associated Rope Rings make the difference. Designed with a magnet inside the tip of a high-quality boathook, the Line-Shark is attached to an anodized aluminum pole. The process is simple. Attach steel rope rings to your dock lines or pick-up buoy, position the boat hook near rope ring and magnetically grab the line. A simple slide handle design will allow for quick release of the rope ring when needed. The Line-Shark is targeted at most boaters, whether in the marina, out for a long cruising excursion, or in a deepdraft mooring field, the Line-Shark boat hook makes retrieving and mooring a boat safer.


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Undeniable Attraction

Line Shark Boat Hook

When we say the Line Shark attracts lines like a magnet,

we aren't exaggerating.

The reason is simple: Each Line Shark Boat Hook is designed with a strong magnet inside the tip of a high-quality boat hook, which is attached to an anodized aluminum pole.

To use, simply attach one of the corrosion-resistant steel Line Shark Rope Rings to your dock line, position the Boat Hook near the Rope Ring and grab the line. To release the ring, just pull back on the handle. The Line Shark Boat Hook features a telescoping handle, which allows you to customize its length to your needs.



Blue Shark

Article posted on July 5, 2010 - 14:12

The Line-Shark® Deluxe Blue Shark is a magnetic boat hook that is strong enough to pick up a boat anchor magnetically. It makes it easier and safer to handle your dock lines. The marina boat owners who have dedicated lines attached to their slips may choose to use this item. Other uses include key chain retrieval and tools lost in the bilge.






Design Mechanics, LLC - All Rights Reserved. Line-Shark® is a registered

Trademark in the United States. The Line-Shark® Magnetic Boat Hook

is protected by US patent #6,978,730.


Line-Shark Magnetic
Boat Hook - Boat Docking Kit

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