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 Grey shark telescoping boat hook

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Gray Line-Shark has no line release [see below].

Gray Shark does not have line release [see Blue Shark to the right for line release option], it is ideal for Sailboat deep water mooring for picking up mooring buoys or other object such as water skis. Mooring lines can be rigged with loops and the loops can be hung on piling hooks or dock cleats, after hanging, a quick pull will release the Gray Shark


Telescoping Boat hook rope rings

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Line-Shark® Magnetic Boat Hook Docking and Mooring Kit

marina boat dock

Finally a Boat Mooring Hook that does what it is suppose to do!

boathook holding anchor   

New improved design.

Makes the perfect gift for the boater , first mate or boat captain with everything!

A Boat Hook with the Magnetic Power to pick up a boat anchor can easily handle grabbing large mooring lines.

Guaranteed to make Boat Docking & Boat Mooring Safer and Easier.

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Never drop or miss a Dock line, Mooring Line or Mooring Buoy again!

The conventional Telescoping Boat Hook just doesn't get the job done when docking or mooring your boat, quick retrieval of dock lines is critical to safe docking [See Free Marina boat docking instructions ]. If the lines are not retrieved quickly and used to pull and secure the boat in position, mates will some times reach out and grab a pilings, dock, or use a Boat Hook to pull the boat into the dock. These situations can lead to injury or even death on a larger boat. Failing to retrieve the lines quickly can also lead to drifting or being blow away from the dock into other boats or objects that result in damage.

The Line-Shark Magnetic Boat Docking and boat mooring system for retrieving dock and mooring lines was developed to prevent these dangerous situations and make docking and mooring safer. It makes the stressful job of trying to hook a line with a conventional boat hook (which results many times in dropping the line in the water), into a full proof task that is actually fun to do. Just get within a couple of inches of the Line-Shark® Galvanized ring with the yellow tip of the Line-Shark and the line will jump right to the tip magnetically and hold firmly. The line can be quickly retrieved and pulled from the tip with a firm pull or released on demand with the Blue Shark model.

Along with the purchase of the Line-Shark® Kit comes docking instructions and tips for docking inboards, stern drives and outboards.

By using the docking tips along with the Line-Shark® kit you will find docking your boat a much less stressful experience.

The Blue Shark model has line release for releasing the line on demand to place on a piling hook or dock. The line is released when the rear slide tube is pulled back. The rope rings are installed quickly to your dock or mooring lines with strong Velcro TM straps. The twist-lock handle allows you to collapse the six foot long boat hook to a manageable length. The unit is sized for storage in fishing rod holders or racks. All the components of the boat hook are suitable for the harsh marine environment. The pole is an aircraft quality drawn aluminum tube that is fully anodized inside and out. The end hook is made of high strength Poly carbonate and has a non-marring vinyl end cap. The Line-Shark® will work on lines diameters up to 3/4" inch. See the links to the right for several different docking and mooring applications such as leaving lines attached to the dock, lines stored on the boat and sail and power boat buoy mooring. If you use the Line-Shark® properly you will never miss or drop a dock or mooring line again. Making Boat Docking and Mooring less Stressful, safer and easier guaranteed!

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 Line-Shark Magnetic
Boat Hook - Boat Mooring Kit

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Boat Hook that works Magnetically for safer boat docking and mooring. Makes the perfect boat gift



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Blue line-Shark comes with line release.

Blue Shark Deluxe telescoping boat hook has line release on demand for better control of line placement.


If it doesn't make Boat Docking and Boat Mooring Safer & easier Send It Back.

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